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Lincoln Diagnostics Minimizes Skin Allergy Test Pain

Multi-Test PC provides accurate results with virtually no pain

DECATUR, IL—Lincoln Diagnostics now offers a painless option for skin allergy testing with the Multi-Test PC (pain control). This test still provides high sensitivity, high specificity, and low variability in results but with virtually no pain.

"We are excited to bring a painless option to allergy sufferers," said Doug Hein, President and Chief Operating Officer of Lincoln Diagnostics. "Multi-Test PC controls pain without small, hard-to-read reactions, which can compromise test accuracy in many other allergy skin testing options."

Multi-Test PC works via the neurological gate-control theory. This theory involves the activation of nerve cells that block pain transmission, resulting in pain suppression. Multi-Test PC's center touch post activates these nerve cells to inhibit pain, while the same refined points utilized on the current Multi-Test® and Multi-Test® II models provide well-defined wheals with very little trauma.

"Lincoln Diagnostics, in actuality, provides allergy skin testing products to medical providers around the globe. But what we really do is innovate," said Gary Hein, Founder, Chairman, and CEO. "We will continue to bring the best thinking in the world to allergy skin testing to allow our customers the opportunity to make sound decisions and provide the best quality care."

To learn more or see photos with step-by-step directions for Multi-Test PC, visit or call Lincoln Diagnostics at 800-537-1336 for more information.

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For 30 years, Lincoln Diagnostics has been revolutionizing the skin testing industry. Lincoln Diagnostics started in 1978 with the introduction of its patented Multi-Test® multiple skin test applicator—the industry's first plastic disposable testing device. Now the leader in allergy skin testing, Lincoln Diagnostics manufactures the Multi-Test, Multi-Test® II, Duotip-Test®, Duotip-Test® II, and the new Multi-Test® PC. Lincoln Diagnostics products are used extensively at hospitals, private clinics, and teaching institutions all over the United States. For more information about Lincoln Diagnostics, please call 800-537-1336, or visit

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