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To become the leader in allergy skin testing products, Lincoln Diagnostics' state-of-the-art production facilities and personalized customer service combine to give you the high quality you demand and the support you need. In fact, when you order from us, you will receive the finest skin testing devices available. And when you call for service, you will be greeted by a person—not a machine—who will quickly provide the help you want.

Our History

For forty years, Lincoln Diagnostics has been revolutionizing the skin testing industry. It started in 1978 with the introduction of its patented Multi-Test® multiple skin test applicator—the industry's first plastic disposable allergy testing device.

Now the leader in allergy skin testing, Lincoln Diagnostics manufactures the Multi-Test, Multi-Test® II, Duotip-Test®, Duotip-Test® II, Multi-Test® PC and UniTest® PC. Lincoln products are used extensively at hospitals, private clinics, and teaching institutions throughout the United States and internationally.

Founded by Gary L. Hein in 1982, Lincoln Diagnostics' quickly became the premier provider of allergy skin testing products in the United States. Prior to founding Lincoln Diagnostics, Gary was President and CEO of Lincoln Laboratories, until it was purchased by Institut Mérieux of France. His collaboration with Institut Mérieux, developing novel patented products for Smallpox vaccination, Tuberculin skin testing and testing for cell-mediated immunity, provided a solid foundation for Lincoln Diagnostics' entry into the field of allergy. Gary’s legacy is carried forward through the leadership of his son Doug and the very capable Lincoln Diagnostics team.

Commitment to Quality

We are completely committed to producing allergy skin testing devices of the highest quality and effectiveness to meet or exceed customer requirements. To maintain this total commitment to quality, we've put procedures, controls, and processes in place that ensure the manufacture of high-quality products.


In addition to adhering to current FDA Good Manufacturing Practices, Lincoln Diagnostics holds the following certifications:

ISO 13485 certified in the design and manufacture of disposable allergy skin test devices. MDSAP certified in compliance to US FDA, Health Canada, Brazil ANVISA and Australia TGA medical devices regulations.

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Key Personnel


As President and CEO, Doug Hein provides critical business analysis and works to develop long-term goals and strategic planning, while ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly to support these goals. Doug also oversees regulatory compliance and has provided the driving force for Lincoln Diagnostics to achieve and maintain its ISO 13485 and MDSAP medical device manufacturing quality certifications. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Doug brings to the company his technical insight and expertise, analytic skills, and problem-solving abilities. He holds more than fifteen allergy-related patents in the US, Canada, and China. Prior to joining Lincoln Diagnostics in 1997, Doug held significant positions at Quill Corporation and Underwriters Laboratories designing and implementing key database systems, while gaining valuable understanding of business systems and processes. Doug served on the Board of Trustees at his Alma Mater, Millikin University, and is active in the Decatur community.


As Vice President Production, Gary Hein III organizes and coordinates the company's production resources, services and personnel, so that allergists, hospital clinics, teaching institutions and all customers are supplied with high-quality allergy-testing products that meet their requirements. Gary ensures that Lincoln's products and processes adhere to strict quality control specifications, resulting in the most widely used allergy skin test products in the US. Products must conform to various international standards and to the requirements of FDA, Health Canada, European CE and other applicable regulations and standards. Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Millikin University.


As Vice President of Marketing and Sales, based in San Antonio, Texas, John Lenski combines his wealth of allergy sales experience, technical knowledge of Lincoln's products, and his winning personality to achieve the company's sales and marketing objectives. To this end, John will be found at allergy conferences, physician offices, hospital clinics and university fellowship programs, making certain that every customer has what they need for their operation to be effective and efficient. Prior to joining Lincoln Diagnostics in 1999, John was the National Sales Manager for Allergy Laboratories, Inc. and the Western Regional Manager for Antigen Laboratories. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Illinois State University. His long history in the field of allergy and as an allergy patient brings a wealth of experience to help both new and experienced medical staff. John is a member of the AAAAI and ISAAI.


As Regional Sales Manager, based outside Tampa, Florida, Mike Johnson brings years of pharmaceutical and allergenic/biologic extract sales experience to support Lincoln’s sales goals and service our customers’ requirements. As a seasoned professional, Mike knows what allergy customers need and how to meet those needs. Mike will be encountered representing Lincoln at allergy meetings, in physicians’ offices, at hospital clinics and university training programs. Before joining Lincoln Diagnostics in 2014, Mike was Allergy Sales Consultant and Regional Manager for Greer Laboratories and previously demonstrated a long, successful track record at companies like Glaxo, Bayer, Wallace, and Mallinckrodt. Mike is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation.

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