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Lincoln Diagnostics, manufacturer of Multi-Test®, Multi-Test® II, Duotip-Test®, Duotip-Test® II, Multi-Test® PC and UniTest® PC, is the industry leader in high-quality disposable allergy skin test devices. Lincoln products are the most widely used disposable allergy tests in the U.S. and are extensively employed at leading teaching institutions, hospitals and private clinics throughout the United States and internationally.

UniTest® PC

Just Push

The UniTest® PC offers high sensitivity, high specificity, high reproducibility, with virtually no pain, and low technique variation between users. Plus, it offers the convenience of a single test.

OSHA compliant

Multi-Test® PC

Pain control plus
easy-to-read results.

Multi-Test PC provides high sensitivity, high specificity, and low variability in results—with virtually no pain.

OSHA compliant

Multi-Test® II

Discover the test that touches the world.

One of the most precise allergy tests in the world, offering a high degree of sensitivity, specificity, and low variability of results. Plus, it's received well by patients and is quick, convenient, and easy to use.

OSHA compliant

Duotip-Test® II

The bar has been raised...again.

Duotip-Test® II establishes a new standard for reliability and unparalleled functionality.

OSHA compliant


Affordable one-at-a-time skin testing.

The Duotip-Test® is highly sensitive and specific, as well as the lowest cost one-at-a-time skin test on the market.

OSHA compliant


The original Multi-Test®.

This test revolutionized allergy skin testing by introducing a high quality, disposable, multiple head testing device.

OSHA compliant

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